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Hi, there reader!

I was reading from an early age, and if I wasn’t reading by myself I was being read to by my mom and my Pap Pap.  Most of my time away from school was spent reading. I spent two days a week at the local Barnes and Noble in Newport, RI for a book club and the American Girl book club. My mom also took my sister and me to the local public library once a week.

I started reading Junie B. Jones books in first grade. I also read Judy Moody and the Magic Treehouse books. In third grade, I started reading Harry Potter, The Unfortunate Events, and the Secrets of Droon. As I got older, I fell in love with the Percy Jackson series, Vampire Academy books, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Dresden Files.

All of these books influenced what I wanted to write because they were the books I loved to read.

I absolutely love the idea of magic. I still believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, elves, Winnie the Pooh, and Hogwarts. And so I wanted to deliver the magic that I carried with me to others. That’s how I started writing the Little Witches series. I wanted to share my magic with the little girls in my life (my nieces and cousins).


Little Witches Book 1: A Familiar Search 

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It’s the week before third grade and Lila Teafeather is excited, but not for school. She’s ready to find her familiar! A witchy tradition that has happened for every witch and wizard alive. She has a week to look, but will she find her familiar in time? Join Lila as she overcomes every obstacle in looking for her magical companion.

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Book Signing! Bonita Trading Company – December 8, 2018

I had a great time at Bonita Trading Companys little boutique in Agana, Guam. I got to meet some awesome kids and collaborate with another local artist. I call the event a success.

Little Witches Book 2 will be launched on February 20, 2019!

More details and cover release to follow in the next couple of weeks.